Case Studies

Tangible, Profitable And Real Results

$80K => $250k in 6 months

Backstory On This Client

Prior to working with Market Boost, this skincare brand was seeing consistent sales but could not scale profitably and predictably. When they tried to increase their budget, things fell apart. Firstly, our team crafted a creative blueprint for a large quantity of images, videos and UGC. This supplied us with enough testing ammunition to hone in on a potential winner. In order to scale, a robust winner with a high ROAS is needed at a lower budget – one with high click through rates (ctr) and a low cost per click (cpc). Once we tested many creatives, ad angles and copy variations, we formulated a winning combination. From there, we were able to iterate upon the winning angle with more creatives and scale them from 80k to 250k in revenue per month with a 4.19 return on ad spend (roas).

$50k per month with a 4.94 ROAS

Backstory On This Client

This skincare brand had a very poorly optimized Google Ads campaign. Using our methodical process, we were able to identify key Google Shopping, Display and Performance Max opportunities to scale their revenue to $50k per month with a very healthy return on adspend.

$550k per month with a 5 ROAS

Backstory On This Client

Karma & Luck is a spiritually inspired jewelry brand. Prior to working with us, they were shooting in the dark when it came to advertising which severely limited their growth and harmed profit margins. We helped them establish a proper ad funnel and move potential buyers along the customer journey. As a result, we helped them scale to $6M ARR with predictable returns.

$0K => $11k in 1 month

Backstory On This Client

This new clothing brand had never run paid traffic before and was basically starting from scratch. Given they had no proof of concept, we put our head down and first did a robust audit of their landing page to ensure it was up to par for conversions (ideally over 1.5%). From there we formulated a robust offer and a creative plan to start testing.
The brand did have a decent social media presence on Instagram which helped propel initial sales and, combined with our strategic scaling process, we were able to generate 11.9k off of 2.7k in ad spend within the first month – a healthy 4.29 return on ad spend. Yes, our system can work with inexperienced brands as well!